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A work-in-progress action roleplaying game being made in XYG Studio. A work-in-progress game development kit that will be 100% free to use upon release. It is meant to feel similar to Game Maker, but offer more control over what code is used and when, while also minimizing the number of built-in variables.
An endless runner where you must collect cereal to keep up your strength while avoiding the clutches of a hungry gryphon. A very old platformer where you play as a cat who sets out to save his girlfriend from Martians.
The first game I ever completed in Game Maker. You navigate through mazes without touching red spots. A simple command line game I made to answer random math questions to wake up your brain.
A clone of the lightcycle game from Tron that never got finished. It's playable, but requires a restart at the end of each round.