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Clients will be given updates on their commission in stages: sketch, ink, color. Once each stage is approved by the client, it is finalized, and the next stage will begin. Once the color stage has been approved, payment will be requested via PayPal as a goods and services payment.

All rights for the completed work will be transfered to the client upon successful payment with the exception that I reserve the right to display the work here on my site. The client may make use of the work in any way they see fit, even in commercial projects.

Commissions for characters or species not owned by the client will be denied unless the IP holder has written explicit permission to me for use of their IP. No exceptions to this rule will be made. Some IP holders have specific rules regarding the use of their properties, and may even ask for royalties. By law, I must respect this, so for my own protection, I require explicit permission from them.

I reserve the right to refuse commissions for any reason. NSFW commissions will not be accepted at all.

Works in progress will be listed below. Follow me on Twitter or Google+ for commission opening announcements.

Please include detailed reference information for your character. A scarecrow model sheet works best, but if you need to use text, please include as much information on their appearance as possible.

Disqus has been enabled on this page for anyone with general questions regarding commissions. To contact me directly about placing an order, please send an email to


Pixel art is available in two formats: 16-bit with colored, selective, or solid outlines, or 2-bit monochrome (Gameboy style). Sprites are charged based on dimensions and number of frames, with the 2-bit sprites being much cheaper than the 16-bit. You can use the calculator below to get an estimate on what your sprite may cost. Payments are expected for each completed animation, or frames in progress if canceled before completion. 2-bit sprites will come to approximately 60% the price of 16-bit sprites.


I have my own sketch(es).
Estimated Cost:

Please take estimates with a chunk of Himalayan salt. If I'm able to take any shortcuts without affecting the quality of the sprite, such as duplicating legs in the background layer when making a running animation, I will inform you and deduct a portion from the final price. If I feel a character is too complex, I will let you know before I begin. Selective/colored outlining will not affect the price, but may slow down completion of the sprite. Also bear in mind that wings are very difficult, so I will be considering them a complicating factor.


Digital art prices are determined by the number of characters and the ammount of completion requested by the client. Each additional character to a piece is 75% the cost of the first character. Prices are as follows:

Sketch: 4$
Inked: 8$
Colored: 12$
Cel-Shaded: 16$


I haven't worked out rates for this yet, but it's something I'm interested in trying out sometime. I'm still learning a lot of stuff, so I will hopefully be confident enough in the future to work on sites for people.

No commissions in progress.


If a character or species you want drawn do not appear in this section, please have the IP holder contact me about using them.

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