A scene for my friend, Gnuppa, who has been transformed into a massive, enraged kaiju bent on terrorizing the city!

I wanted to try something new with this, so I made it a scene instead of a sprite sheet. It was pretty fun, and I think I might do more of these. For a scene that's supposed to be about a monster destroying a city, I wanted to put motion everywhere I could. The eye tracks the movement of the civilians and rolls back a bit when it blinks because humans are yummy, there's debris falling from the building, both arms are in motion, one rubbing the belly and the other shaking a car. I even put a blimp in the sky so it wouldn't be static. For the colors, I was originally using a blue sky, but it didn't stand out enough to me, so I made it sunset to add contrast to the cooler colors being used in the foreground. Also, the long tongue is kind of a reference to Goat Simulator's "lick to wreak havoc" mechanic. ^.-.^

Character © Gnuppa. Do not use without permission.