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Hello, all, I'm Kelvin, a pixel artist, programmer, author, novice sound designer, and commentator on stuff. I have a working knowledge of C++, Squirrel, JavaScript/JSON, GML, HTML, PHP, and CSS. Currently studying game development and working on a sci-fi world to make games about.

I like working on a variety of things, a lot of which being free resources or tutorials that I have here on this site, as well as personal artwork and stuff for friends. Some of the stuff on this site may be weird or of a special interest, so if it's not your thing, kindly hit the back button and look at something else. O.-.<

I'll try to update the content here as often as I can. I hope you find this place entertaining or useful in some way. I love getting feedback, so please make use of the comment boards found at the bottom of most pages! ^.-.^